2020 Marketing Campaign – Eco-Friendly Merchandise

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eco-friendly merchandise

A Summary of 2019 and an insight into our 2020 marketing campaign – Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Throughout 2019, we ran a marketing campaign about branding methods. Ultimately, this campaign was to educate our stakeholders on different methods and what work with their logo on various product options. This year, we plan to focus on eco-friendly merchandise.

Before getting into the 2020 marketing campaign, you can find out more about our branding methods on these links…

January – ColourCoat Technology

February – Dye Sublimation

March – Pad Print

April – Engrave

May – Transfer Print

June – Screen Print

July – Domed Label

August – LED Laser Engrave

September – Personalisation

October – Pantone Matching

November – Embroidery

December – Deboss

2020 Marketing Campaign – Eco-Friendly Merchandise

With a major focus on the important topic of the environment, we’ve decided to revolve our marketing campaign around this. Our plan at Firebrand is to bring your brand an eco-friendly merchandise idea that fits in with a trend or a popular event each month.

Many of our merchandise options now include products that are made from different eco materials. This means you’ll gain an insight into the benefits of materials such as Bamboo, PLA, RPET and many more!

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