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About Us

Our core values are what we're all about as we take pride in what we do

Vision Statement

Supporting a motivated team that enjoys supplying sustainable branded merchandise via an approved base of supply chain partners. It is our goal to be the best at what we do, while helping to support and contribute towards our customers own CSR strategy.

Core Values

Customers come first

Firebrand stays on top of the latest trends and product innovations. This has allowed us to produce unique and thoughtful ideas that not only represents your brand to the highest quality but resonates with your customers too. Firebrand is always looking at ways that we can deliver new sustainable initiatives. Every project we have worked on has the benefit that they contribute to our customers CSR goals as well as our own. What’s more, customers are assigned a dedicated account team to manage their merchandise purchasing and act as an extension of their marketing and events departments. Our dedicated account teams are made of motivated individuals who aim to deliver high-quality service, making the merchandise journey seamless for our customers.

Thinking Globally, Acting Sustainably

Like many likeminded brands, CSR is high on the priority list for Firebrand Promotions. Encouraging brands to think sustainably when shopping for their merchandise is important and something that is enforced daily. Brands can order sustainable merchandise through Firebrand, this includes those made with recycled materials, renewable materials and of recyclable or biodegradable natures. Thinking Globally, Acting Sustainably drives us to make ethical choices with the planet in mind. We all have a part to play in a global effort to tackle climate change. It all starts with the way we think and our attitude towards making simple changes. Asides from our sustainable product range, we are EcoVadis rated and have signed up to the United Nations Global Compact.

Partnership and Quality

We form strong partnerships with both our customers, supply chain and partners. Each partnership is different yet of the best quality. When it comes to our customers, we listen to their needs and build the trust with them to deliver exceptional branded merchandise time and time again. With our supply chain, we form partnerships that allow us to bring the best product collections to market. We have peace of mind knowing that through our selective supply chain partnerships that products are ethically sourced and of the best quality. With our partners, such as Climate Wise, we partner with them to make Firebrand the best we can be. For instance, Climate Wise help us to calculate our Carbon Footprint and we work with them to reduce our emissions and offset these onto Gold Standard projects.

Giving something back

As a business, we want to give back to those in need. We have done this through charity fundraising on multiple occasions, our tree planting initiative with every order, our corporate and employees carbon footprints, and The Offset Collection. Through each sustainable initiative, Firebrand offset either via Gold Standard projects or the Eden Reforestation projects, meaning we support several of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs help to give something back to the environment or social causes, such as gender equality, decent work and economic growth, climate action, life on land and many more.

Consultancy & Education

It can be challenging to navigate your way through unfamiliar territory. If you’re new to purchasing branded merchandise, you’re unsure about print methods or you’re unaware of the correct file to send your logo over to us in, our customer service team and dedicated account managers are on hand to educate you on what you need to know. No question is a silly question as they help us to learn and grow. One area that many of us are navigating through and learning about is climate change. At Firebrand, we have the resources to be able to educate you on which sustainable material is best for your promotional product and their end of lives.

Passionate about what we do

At Firebrand, we love what we do. Passion generates excitement within the workplace. With passion at the heart of everything we do, we nurture ideas and get creative to eliminate obstacles for cultivating growth. Our love for what we do includes meeting customers delivery dates and budgets, delivering exceptional branded merchandise, working on sustainable projects, and navigating our way through our sustainability journey.


At Firebrand, we support a motivated team that enjoy supplying sustainable branded merchandise.
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Vision Statement

Supporting a motivated team that enjoys supplying sustainable branded merchandise via an approved base of supply chain partners. It is our goal to be the best at what we do, while helping to support and contribute towards our customers own CSR strategy.


Sustainable Product Collections

Due to increasing problems with climate change, many brands are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and like individuals, all brands have a part to play in CO2 reduction and tackling climate change. At Firebrand, we have a solution that can help customers to contribute to their CSR goals and reduce the CO2 of their marketing spend. The Offset Collection is a range of Carbon Neutral Branded Merchandise. This range is exclusive to Firebrand Promotions. Each product has been through a Lifetime Cycle Analysis to calculate the Carbon Footprint. We then work with Climate Wise to offset the CO2 through Gold Standard Projects. The Gold Standard projects that we support focus on various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Asides from The Offset Collection, Firebrand work with key supply partners to bring sustainable product collections to the market. This includes ranges such as the Impact Collection, the WOW collection and more. This Impact product range for example, aims to reuse materials and provide traceability of doing so. When materials are reused as an alternative to virgin materials, water and energy is saved. With the Impact Collection, we can provide accuracy and traceability of litres of waters saved and the use of recycled materials. We also have many other sustainable product collections and would be happy to share more of these with our customers and prospects. Rest assured, Firebrand aim to put forward products with sustainable credentials and provide customers with the education to make an informed buying decision.

Merchandise Stores & Ordering Platforms

Asides from delivering branded merchandise and sustainable solutions, we can also support with a range of digital content. This includes webstores for the ordering of your brand’s pre-approved merchandise, e-shot creation to promote your webstore to your colleagues, and other collateral on request.

Following your brand guidelines, we can create effective PDF range documents for internal reference and ordering, or even provide a dedicated integrated on-line ordering solution for your brand. Your platform will have brand consistency throughout, plus, if we keep items in stock for you, there will be a faster delivery service. Furthermore, we also offer the option of a pre-approved on demand range too with lead times stated which delivers the same consistency of product and branding but without the need to hold inventory.

Sourcing, International Logistics & Carbon Neutral Deliveries

Branded merchandise is the core of our business. However, we have a part to play alongside other brands in making positive changes for the benefit of our planet. When we put forward product proposals, we carefully consider our route to source and consciously look for merchandise that can help tackle climate change. This also determines which likeminded suppliers we form partnerships with. We source internationally depending on the project requirements that we are supporting. However, we have many preferred suppliers who manufacture in the UK for those clients who would prefer UK Made products. Partnering with preferred suppliers allows us to build an excellent understanding of the product, gain access to the best and most competitive prices and we ensure they source ethically. We also have a purpose-built distribution centre (DC), ideally located close to major transport routes. The DC is backed up by our strategic international partnership with UPS. This partnership allows us to deliver branded products to our clients with carbon neutral delivery. UPS offset the delivery onto projects that help tackle climate change. Whether you require Firebrand to store your merchandise, fulfil your campaign or move your product quickly, we can help.

Dedicated Account Management & Customer Service

We may operate in a digital world, but we know that human connection is what fuels Firebrand’s spark. Whether you’re a prospect or an existing customer, you will be assigned a dedicated account team to help you through every step of your merchandise journey. This team is on hand to deliver face to face meetings and merchandise updates if required. We like to learn about your brand and act as an extension of your marketing and events teams. Your dedicated accounts team supports with project management, proposal delivery, creative ideas, and business reviews. When we receive a brief, we love to get creative and put merchandise ideas forward that are not only practical and sustainable but are of the latest trends while staying relevant to your brand.


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