The Director LED Indicator Panel For Cyclists

Wireless Charging Lamp - Firebrand Promotions

A new, innovative product is the Wireless Charging Lamp, find out out why this is Ross' favourite product.

Dan Rogers - Firebrand Promotions - Dual Branding

Listen to Dan talk about how you can add your brand's logo to premium outdoor brands apparel.

Bluetooth Sunglasses - Firebrand Promotions

An excellent promotional accessory for whenever the sun is shining! Simply add your logo and connect to Bluetooth.

Matt Pluckrose - Firebrand Promotions - Latest Trends

Listen to Matt's views on the latest technology trends and how they can work for your brand.

E5 Alexa Speaker - Firebrand Promotions

Add your brand's logo to Vicky's favourite product; the new E5 Alexa Speaker.

Firebrand Promotions - A World of Merchandise 2

Watch how our event A World of Merchandise 2 went on the 26th September 2017 at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge!

Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

Charge your smartphone wirelessly with our mousepad that has a built in wireless charging pad.

Promotional HomingPIN

HomingPIN can reduce the time it takes for airlines to find a mishandles bag from 6 days to less than 6 seconds!

Why Promotional Clothing works?

A short video displaying the importance of promotional clothing.

Why branded merchandise?

A short video detailing the power of promotional merchandise

Protective Cardholder

Our cardholder is designed to block RFID readers from scanning identity, credit / debit cards & banking information.


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