Firebrand Promotions - Introducing Green Points

What you buy can change the world... Introducing the Green Points Score Card. Working with one of our key supply partners, we are able to rate each product in our collection on 8 criterias, such as material, recyclability, packaging, transparency of the supply chain, country of origin etc. The evaluation is then captured in a score, called Green Points. Obviously how the score is determined is also transparent and for each product a data sheet will be available. Please note: the Green Point scorecard isn't available on our complete merchandise range. However, it is available on many of our best-sellers.

Xoopar Mr Bio Wireless Charging Family from Firebrand Promotions

Keep your device(s) charged while at home or in the office. It can simultaneously charge several devices making it perfect for a family! Watch our video to find out more. For a quote, please contact

Branded Smart Mojo Bottle

The Smart Bottle that allows you to change the temperature of the surface to match the temperature of the drink inside!

Firebrand Promotions - A World of Merchandise 3

Watch how our event A World of Merchandise 3 went on the 3rd April 2019 at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge!

#TuesdayTrends The Digital Notebook

Taking notes has never been easier! Using an app, you can access your notes on your smart devices.

#TuesdayTrends Trending Audio Products

Fit into your consumers lifestyle with audio products ranging from speakers to headphones

#TuesdayTrends Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers are the gift that keep on giving! Less wires, more charging possibilities.

#TuesdayTrends Valenta Card Case Overview

Reducing the risk of unwanted skimming on contactless card(s) with the Valenta Card Case range

#TuesdayTrends Keeping Customers Connected

Reducing the risk of battery anxiety and keeping devices powered with branded chargers

#TuesdayTrends Sustainable Tech Product Solutions

Talking all things sustainability within the technology sector

#TuesdayTrends Promotional Technology Product Trends

An overview on wireless charging, sustainability, security and more!

#TuesdayTrends Firebrand's Relationship with DTI

Talking all things compliance, personalisation, lead times and other trends...


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