Branded Office Merchandise

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branded office merchandise

Branded Office Merchandise

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many have adopted a hybrid working model. However, the commute is appearing busier and cars are filling spaces in office car parks again. It’s important to make sure your office is fully equipped for your employee’s return to the workplace. This post is about our current favourite branded office merchandise ideas from The Offset Collection.

The Offset Collection is a range of carbon neutral branded merchandise via offset. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

Branded Mousepads & Wireless Chargers: Swiss Peak RCS Recycled PU 10W Wireless Charging Mousepad

The ideal desk accessory is our 2-in-1 mouse pad and wireless charger. This mousepad is made with RCS certified recycled materials. RCS ensures a completely certified supply chain of recycled materials. The smooth and luxury surface of the mousepad upgrades any desk to a great work environment. A key feature of the wireless charger is that it can be positioned upright to double up as a phone stand.

Branded Pens: Prodir QS40 True Biotic Pen

The Prodir QS40 True Biotic pen is made from biobased, biodegradable biopolymers (PHA). Microorganisms provide PHA naturally anytime, anywhere – and also degrade it again. TÜV Austria has certified the biodegradability of PHA in natural surroundings. This includes seawater, fresh water, and soil. Only CO2, water and biomass are created in the process. Due to this pens unique design and quality, it makes the ideal branded office pen. You can even pair it with a pouch that explains its sustainable attributes! Please note, the pouch is not able to be carbon offset via Gold Standard projects.

Branded Lunchboxes: Glass Lunchbox with Bamboo Lid

Many of us eat healthier since the lockdowns. When you gift your employees a reusable branded lunchbox, you will support them in continuing to eat healthy. This lunchbox is ideal for storing home cooked meals and is made with high-quality borosilicate glass. Plus, it comes with a handy spork!

Branded Notebooks: Impact A5 Softcover Stone Paper Notebook

This Impact collection stone paper notebook is made with tree-free paper! Stone paper consists of mineral powder (80%) bound with (20%) of non-toxic HDPE. Zero water or bleach is used during production, which is the case during the production of traditional wood pulp paper. Traditional wood pulp paper uses around 2,770 litres of water and around 18 trees. This beautiful A5 stone paper notebook uses zero! Soft to the touch and velvety paper for ultra-smooth writing, a great desk accessory. In addition to this, 2% of proceeds of each Impact product sold will be donated to

Branded Drinkware: RCS Recycled Stainless Steel Impact Vacuum Bottle

Reusability is key to cutting down on plastic waste. This 500ml Impact Vacuum Bottle will keep your colleagues refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. It is also something they can take home and use in their daily lives. Made with RCS recycled, durable stainless steel, this bottle will keep your drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 15.

How can you present your Branded Office Merchandise?

Popular in our range are our Branded Swag Boxes. Why not present your Carbon Neutral Branded Merchandise in a branded corrugated box? These are ideal for on-boarding, employee appreciation, event giveaways and more.

Check out our video to see how we use branded swag boxes for our own merchandise…

What other products are available for Branded Office Merchandise?

Outside of The Offset Collection, we have many other products ideal for the office too. This includes branded hand sanitisers for desks, clothing, lanyards made from recycled plastic bottles or bamboo fibres, badge holders and reusable drinkware, such as the Honest Bottle. We also have a range of signage such as roller banners, flags, table cloths and more, which you can find by clicking here.

You can even encourage recycling in the office with branded recycling bins…

A great way to get your office on brand and encourage recycling is with branded recycling bins. Promoting recycling in your workplace has never been made easier when you buy branded recycling bins. We recently shared a post on our news page about our branded recycling bins. Click here to read it.

If you would like to discuss Branded Office Merchandise with a member of our team, please click here to get in touch.