Branded Recycling Bins

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branded recycling bins

Branded Recycling Bins

Do you want to promote on-site recycling in your workplace? Having a recycling system in your office or store is a great way to not only contribute to your CSR goals, but to also ensure that there is no cross contamination that may stop a product from being recycled. At Firebrand, we have partnered with co-cre8 to bring your brand the option of branded recycling bins for your workplace. You can order these recycling stations through Firebrand Promotions.

Co-cre8 was founded in 2019 by Peter Goodwin and James Capel. Both Peter and James have significant industry experience from managing two successful, sustainability focused, UK waste and recycling businesses. They share success in designing, implementing and managing innovative recycling programmes for single-use food and beverage packaging. Bringing their wealth of knowledge together, they started co-cre8. One area that co-cre8 focus on is waste and recycling stations.

The recycling stations are both engaging, British made and a great way to collect targeted materials for recycling.

Who collects the recycling?

There is no need to change your currently recycling provider to a new one when you use branded recycling bins. Your current provider can collect from your workplace as they normally would.

Are bespoke branded recycling bins available?

The branded recycling bin range includes cup collection stations (for recycling paper/plastic disposable cups), wall mounted cup stations, free standing cup stations, mobile cup stations, giant coffee cup stations and the rBIN. These stations are bespoke and made to order, using quality local manufacturers. With visually impactful design opportunities, you can increase engagement and promote recycling. On various stations, there is the option to add hand sanitiser dispensers, bottle / can crushers, A4 clip frames for interchangeable communications, push-to-open doors or lockable doors and more.

What branded recycling bins do Firebrand recommend?

The rBIN is the recycling station that we would recommend. It’s a modular waste and recycling station which incorporates up to 70% UK sourced recycled materials including plastics and scrap metals which can be visible to the user for increased engagement. It’s robust, long-lasting and allows you to get creative with your design for the most impact.

If you would like to discuss branded recycling bins for your workplace, please get in touch by clicking here.