Branded Honest Bottle

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branded honest bottle

Branded Honest Bottle

Are you looking for a branded reusable bottle which is circular by design? The Branded Honest Bottle is the FIRST of its kind. It has been designed for reuse, made from locally sourced recycled materials, and is designed for recycling at end of life.

With a generous 500ml capacity, this bottle has an instantly recognisable stylish design. It’s also leakproof, BPA free and features an easy carry loop – perfect for on the go.

What is the Honest Bottle made from?

The bottle itself is made from 100% UK sourced, post-consumer recycled single-use water / soft drinks bottles (rPET). The lid is made from 100% UK sourced, post-consumer recycled single-use milk bottles (rHDPE). The materials make it the ONLY reusable bottle of its kind.

The only virgin materials used for the Honest Bottle are the silicone seal and the TPU rubber strap. However, the Honest Bottle manufacturers are actively looking for ways to source recycled alternatives.

Are branded Honest Bottles recyclable?

With so many products on the market claiming to be recyclable (if there’s a process out there, you can claim so), the team at Honest Bottle knew they needed to act much more responsibly. So, although intended for reuse, the Honest Bottle is 100% recyclable. This is because the bottle (rPET) and lid (rHDPE) are easily recyclable in household collections at end of life. The rubber strap is not currently widely recyclable in household collections. However, Honest has set up a FREE takeback scheme to collect the straps so that they can be recycled on bulk at an appropriate facility. Please let us know if you would like support on how to arrange this.

Where is the Honest Bottle made?

The Honest Bottle has been designed in and is manufactured in the UK.

Fortunately, if you’re not in the UK, Honest have plans to expand internationally with production facilities in other countries. This would be set up to use locally sourced recycled materials to create their products. This means that where there is demand, you may be able to get your branded Honest Bottles produced locally to you. The benefit of buying locally made products is much lower emissions are created when delivering to the end-user. Plus, you get to support the local economy and job market.

What are the available branding opportunities? 

We can print your logo to the bottle’s strap or emboss/deboss it into the recyclable lid. In addition to this, the box packaging can also be customised. Utilising the branded box option as an extra is an excellent way to explain not only the bottle’s sustainable credentials but also your brand’s CSR goals. Finally, we can even pantone match the bottle’s lid and strap from a minimum of 1000 units!

If you would like a quote or more information on the branded Honest bottle, please click here to get in touch.