Branded Swag for Hospitality Reopening

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Branded Swag for Hospitality ReOpening

Branded Swag for Hospitality Reopening

Following the recent release of the roadmap out of lockdown, we’ll be seeing a return to hospitality outdoors as early as the 12th of April. You can find the key dates for the roadmap on the Government website. At Firebrand Promotions, we have several Branded Swag for Hospitality Reopening Ideas.

Communication Signage

We have an extensive range of COVID-19 communication signage. Ideal for outdoors are our flags and printed boards. These can be used to promote social distancing or the mandatory face covering message. We also have plenty of signage products for use indoors too. You can find out more about our communication signage on a previous blog post.

Branded Reusable Straws / Paper Straws

Did you know there is a ban on Plastic Straws in England? As part of our Project Green initiative, we have been promoting the use of paper straws or reusable straws since before the ban came into place. You can find out more about our paper straws here. There are also many types of reusable straws. Click here to find out more about the types and their advantages.

Compostable PLA Cups

You may worry about using glass in outside areas due to breakages. It may also cross your mind that the plastic disposable cups are not eco-friendly. Our compostable PLA cups provide the solution. Our disposable PLA cups are the perfect, low cost serving option for your next event. As they are certified compostable, it means the use of them will not have a negative impact on the environment. For a product to be certified as compostable, it means that the product can break down in under 12 weeks in composing conditions, therefore they are suitable for industrial composing. We have a range of sizes (9oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz) available to suit your requirements.


Many people will be itching to get back to hospitality settings, even if the weather is not playing its part! Also ideal for shading from the sun are our branded parasols. Available in a variety of sizes, these are practical and perfect for any beer garden table. They have heavy duty stems and ribs to ensure they stay up.

Other branded swag ideas for the reopening of your venue…

  • Beer mats
  • Jugs & pitchers
  • Ice coolers
  • Café barriers
  • Napkins
  • Bottle openers
  • Trays
  • Menu holders
  • & more!

 If you’d like to discuss branded swag for hospitality reopening, please click here to find our contact details and get in touch.