Branded Pokito Pop Up Cup

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branded pokito pop up cup

Branded Pokito Pop Up Cup

Meet the Branded Pokito Pop Up Cup! Whilst this cup has similarities to our Stojo cup and other collapsible cups in our range, it also has unique features. In this news post, we’re going to delve into the features of the cup and why it would make an excellent promotional product for your brand.

The name ‘Pokito’ comes from the Spanish language for “a little”. A small product that can help effect big change. The innovative award-winning coffee cup has many benefits and features.

The Pokito is a flat pack, lightweight and leak free coffee cup. It’s compact in size and fits into pockets and bags with ease. Like many reusable cups on the market, this is a dishwasher safe cup, making it easy to clean and is antimicrobial. However, the great thing about this cup that makes it unique is that it offers 3 cup sizes in one; Grande, Medio and Espresso!

The branded Pokito Pop Up Cup is also eco-friendly. It’s been tested to be reused up to 5000 times! That means your brand can help to save 5000 disposable coffee cups from going into landfill per Pokito! It’s also ideal for hot and cold drinks so it’s always there when you need it.

Further to a recent news post we shared about British Promotional Merchandise, these cups are manufactured in the UK. This offers many advantages such as the factories having tight control over the entire supply chain and having a guarantee to all credentials. It also means transportation is reduced which helps to minimise carbon footprint. Plus, it enables shorter lead times!

If you’d like to discuss dual-branding our Pokito Pop Up Cups with your brands logo, click here to get in touch!