Sustainable Branded Popcorn

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sustainable branded popcorn

Sustainable Branded Popcorn

Looking for a sustainable branded gift for your next event or corporate gifting scheme? We have partnered with Popcorn Shed to bring your brand sustainable branded popcorn gifts.

Who is Popcorn Shed and how are they sustainable?

Popcorn Shed is a premium popcorn brand, handcrafted in the UK. Aligning with many of Firebrand’s values, Popcorn Shed also care about the environment and the sustainable use of materials. They endeavour to use sustainable ingredients and packaging wherever possible. The branded shed cartons are made from recyclable board, sourced from trees from sustainable forests. Plus, their packaging film is a PET free plastic which can be recycled at larger supermarket recycling points. Their factory’s electricity is supplied from 40% renewable resources.

What is the shelf life of our sustainable branded popcorn?

Popcorn Shed have invested heavily in packaging technology giving their popcorn a shelf life of 12 months+. This is one of the longest shelf lives on the popcorn market currently.

Sustainable branded Popcorn Shed options include…

Artisanal Sheds with stickers – Available in Small or Large with windows, these boxes are shaped like sheds and can be filled with your choice of Gourmet or Everyday flavours.

Non-windowed Shed – Similar to the Artisanal Shed, these sheds don’t have a window and are full colour branded. Plus, you can choose whether you fill these sheds with Gourmet or Everyday flavours.

Bags with stickers – Again, available in Small or Large, these bags are recyclable and can be filled with your choice of popcorn flavour.

Tins – 18.7cm in height and 17cm width, these tins can be filled with 3 bags of various Popcorn Shed flavours. Plus, the tin is reusable once the popcorn has been enjoyed!

Cinema stye cartons – These cartons will make you feel like you’re at the movies! The box can be fully customised and filled with your choice of flavour.

Pillow Boxes – Customise these boxes with a full colour sticker. This option is the best packaging choice for direct mailing.

What flavours are available?

The price of your sustainable branded Popcorn Shed products depends on whether you choose Gourmet or Everyday Flavours.

Gourmet Flavours (caramel coated or cheese powder) include Salted Caramel, Chocolate Caramel, Butterscotch (Vegan), Rainbow, Classic Caramel (Vegan), Toasted Marshmallow (Vegan), Gingerbread (Vegan), Millionaire’s Shortbread, Christmas Pudding (Vegan), Chocolate Orange (Vegan), Peanut Butter, Pecan Pie, Red Velvet, Pink Gin, Cherry Bakewell, Strawberries & Cream, Unicorn, White Chocolate, Cheddar Cheese, Blue Cheese, Goats Cheese, and Birthday Cake.

Everyday Flavours (Powder Coated) include Sweet & Salty, Sea Salt and Sweet.

When is a good time to use sustainable branded popcorn?

Popcorn gifts are great for corporate events, thank you gifts, product launches, seasonal gifting, and film premiers.

If you’re interested in Popcorn Shed products, please click here to get in touch.