Promotional Merchandise For Concerts

promotional merchandise for concerts

Promotional Merchandise For Concerts

For bands or solo-artists, big or small, you sometimes need to apply a few marketing strategies in order to grow your fan base and generate higher exposure. Investing into promotional merchandise for concerts are an excellent way to do this. Whether you sell it at the event or on your website, we’ve put together a few merchandise ideas that could work…


Perhaps one of the most traditional of promotional concert merchandise, band t-shirts are a marketing strategy in themselves. T-Shirts are likely to be worn again and generate higher exposure and occasionally may convince other people to listen to your music by seeing someone else in your t-shirt. For an alternative yet fun t-shirt for you to add your design to, how about the interactive glow in the dark t-shirt? Find out more about it by clicking here


Caps aren’t just for sports fans! You can choose from different colours and styles to add your artist/band name or logo to for your fans to wear whilst you’re performing or after the concert is over to help increase brand recognition. For any selfies taken at the concert with your caps being worn (along with other merchandise accessories) will work in your favour as they help to increase exposure when the photos are posted onto social media.

Branded drinkware

Branded drinkware is always a great souvenir for music fans if you’re selling it at the venue. They also make great presents too if you’re selling them online or via retailers such as HMV. You could show off your artwork design through the use of a WOW mug for a great seasonal present to generate interest and excitement.

Tote bags

What are your concert goers going to keep all of their new concert merchandise in? Don’t forget to supply them with a printed tote bag! Tote bags always make an excellent giveaway at events and help to increase exposure whilst being reusable so your artwork will be on show time and time again.

Seasonal Accessories

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or another seasonal festivity, branded merchandise can come in your favour. Give out Easter confectionery to your fans or branded baubles for Christmas trees. These can also be sold through retailers and your website’s online store.

Other product categories to think about…

There are many other items that we can supply that will work great for concerts and music themed events such as…
– Wrist bands
– Lanyards for VIP guests
– Survival kits
– Gazebos / marquees

If you’d like to discuss branded concert merchandise, get in touch with our friendly sales team today.