The influence that colours have in branding

influence of colour in branding

The influence that colours have in branding

Whether you’re going through a re-brand, refurbishing your store or office or just changing up the website, it’s important to know the conscious and unconscious power that colour has in consumer’s purchasing decisions. On a daily basis, we see around hundreds, if not thousands of colours as well as various marketing campaigns and brand images, the ones that have the most appealing colours to us, tend to captivate us the most. Colours can also have the tendency to create emotional reactions, so whilst your brand’s colour may not always react best with some audiences, it’s important to ensure that the colour is well suited to your target demographic and creates a good response.

Targeting the right demographic using colour

Certain colours catch the eyes of women which wouldn’t necessarily appeal to men. Similarly, children and adults react differently to specific colours. Women tend to prefer softer colours whilst men prefer brighter colours.

Creating brand recognition

Colour is a great way of demanding attention, if you’re not using colour in your campaigns then you could be missing out on possible potential clients. Some large brands can be associated directly with colours, for example the colour red can be linked to Coca-Cola and is an exciting, bold colour.

What certain colours can portray and how they can work for your brand

Blue: The colour blue can be used to show that your brand is trustworthy and dependable. Blue is often seen being used with banks, social media, legal and corporate businesses.

Grey: The colour grey is often used to keep a brand neutral and calm. It can also be a stylish colour, for example in the use of the apple logo.

Yellow: Brands often use yellow to promote warmth, clarity and optimism. Yellow can be used to grab attention of passers-by.

Orange: A cheerful, confident and friendly colour is orange. The colour orange works well for call to actions such as subscribe, buy now or click here.

Red: Red is youthful, bold and exciting which can promote a sense of urgency and explains why it is often used for sale signs. A lot of big brands such as Coca-Cola and Toyota use the colour red.

Black: The colour black is professional, credible and powerful. It is used to promote high end brands such as Hugo Boss or Nike.

Purple: The colour purple creates a wise, creative yet calm brand look and is often seen used in beauty products such as Urban Decay or is well known for Cadburys.

Green: Green promotes a healthy brand, that is peaceful, restoring and ecological. Brands such as Holiday Inn, Starbucks and Nuffield Health use the colour green.

Colours within promotional products

We are able to source and supply many products with a vast colour choice and some products can be pantone matched. Our recent news post about the Infusion Notebook also allows you to use colours to express your brand.