The Infusion Notebook Range

infusion notebook range

The Infusion Notebook Range

The new infusion notebook range is fashioned, styled and created to release endless design possibilities. It moves the branded notebook to a whole new level and redefines what a personalised notebook truly should be. The infusion notebook offers unlimited design options that allows you to create a notebook that meets your brand guidelines.

The notebook is a standard A5 size with 224 pages of 70 gsm paper. It’s complete with an elastic band and pen loop. The notebook uses either PU or paper over board to allow you to show off your logo in various different branding options.

Choosing your notebook colours

If you opt for a PU cover, the colours available are; black, white, light grey, dark grey, chestnut, tan, taupe, beige, pillar box red, red, pink, purple, royal purple, navy, blue, light blue, teal, aqua, green, lime, yellow and orange. Alternatively, if you opt for paper over board, we can offer a full colour print using any colours of your choice.

You also have the choice of your pen loop and elastic colours. The colours available are; black, white, light grey, dark grey, tan, beige, red, pink, purple, navy, light blue, teal, green, lime, yellow and orange.

For your ribbon, you can choose from black, white, light grey, dark grey, beige, taupe, chestnut, tan, red, pink, purple, navy, blue, light blue, teal, green, lime, yellow and orange.

Branding Options

With any promotional product, there are a lot of branding options available which you can find out more about by clicking here. When it comes to branding your infusion notebook, you can do the following…

To the PU

  • Thermal embossing which creates a dark, rich embossed area
  • Thermal page emboss which covers the complete page with a dark rich emboss
  • Foil blocking will give your design a mirror foil like finish
  • Screen or pad print

To the paper over board

4 colour process print which is great for printing images, tints and fine print details.

Inside the notebook

There are several different paper options you can choose from to complete the look of the inside of your notebook. Choose from lined pages, plain pages, squared pages or white/ivory pages. You can also add printed pages and tip in pages.

Final customisation options

To complete the look and feel of your notebook, you can add the following

  • belly bands
  • sleeve box
  • pocket for loose paper
  • colour page edges
  • heat sealed packaging
  • sewn edges

If you think an infusion notebook would be a great promotional product for your brand’s next promotion, get in touch to see how we can help.