Branded Wheat Mr Bio Charging Cables

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Branded Wheat Mr Bio Charging Cables

Branded Wheat Mr Bio Charging Cables

Last year, we introduced the Mr Bio Charging Cable. This year, we’re bringing you and your brand the branded wheat Mr Bio Charging Cables.

Like the original Mr Bio, the branded Wheat Mr Bio continues to provide customers with an amazing eco cable solution. The new cable is a durable and reliable cable solution for any gadget user due to its multi-charging options ranging from lightning, micro-USB, USB-C and USB.

You can add your logo to the front and the back of the Wheat Mr Bio. This means you can deliver a marketing message on one side and your logo on the other.

What makes the branded wheat Mr Bio eco-friendly?

The new Wheat Mr Bio is both recyclable and biodegradable to help adapt to the on-going and important topical issues in how we can protect our environment.

The legs of the Wheat Mr Bio charging cable are made from a product called DuPont Tyvek. This is recyclable material that is water / tear resistant, lightweight and flexible. The rest of the Wheat Mr Bio is made from Wheat Composite. This means he will bio-degrade much quicker and faster. Wheat Composite has recently become a filler for thermoplastic composites such as polypropylene or ABS. It is a valuable environmentally friendly resource that, whilst upgrading the outlook of many reusable products, helps to reduce the amount of plastic used while reusing natural sources.

To discuss branded Wheat Mr Bio charging cables for your brand, please get in touch with our team. Click here to find our details or alternatively, you can message our live chat.