Branded USB-C Charging Cables

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branded usb-c charging cables

Branded USB-C Charging Cables

Have you heard the news? Phone chargers are set to become standardised across Europe from 2024. Meaning, they will begin to adopt USB-C charging. Back in 2017, the promotional industry started to learn about USB-C and we shared some key points about it on our website. Since then, most of our charging cables have adopted the USB-C input and/or output. In this blog post, we’re going to share two of our latest Branded USB-C Charging Cables.

The great thing about multi-charging cables is that they will power older devices from pre-2024 too. For example, if you have an iPhone 14 in 2025, you may struggle to get a lightning cable. That’s why it’s important to gift your customers and colleagues with branded multi-charging cables. Your brand will provide them with the ability to keep old devices charged for longer. This will include Apple Airpods, Cameras, Powerbanks and more!

Xoopar Mr Bio Long Power Delivery Charging Cable

Made from recycled plastics, the Power Delivery Mr Bio provides fast charge to devices that support it. The cable has a small heart on the front of it which lights up green when it is fast charging. It can charge a smartphone and tablet, or even a laptop up to 60W. This cable also provides data transfer between two devices and is CarPlay compatible. Through partnership with Climate Wise and their Gold Standard projects, this cable is carbon neutral. The carbon footprint has been calculated and offset.

Xoopar Mr Bio Smart NFC Charging Cable

Looking for a clever way to get customers onto your website? The NFC Mr Bio Smart opens up your website, business card, campaign or whatever you have decided to link to the chip, when a smartphone is held close to it. The Mr Bio still holds it’s eco credentials and is made with recycled plastic. This cable is also carbon neutral! The carbon footprint of this cable has been calculated and offset through Climate Wise’s Gold Standard projects.

If you would like to discuss either of these branded USB-C Charging Cables, or to explore other options, please get in touch by clicking here.