Branded Seed Paper Lanyards

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branded seed paper lanyards

Branded Seed Paper Lanyards

At Firebrand, our branded seed wristbands have been a popular event choice for our customers. New to our range is our branded seed paper lanyards.

Lanyards are used in lots of different environments such as large offices, convert venues and exhibitions. They’re an easy way to keep an identification card with an individual for security purposes.

For a one-time event or exhibition, a lanyard made from seed paper is a great alternative to a reusable lanyard. It can be planted to grow into flowers after use! A mix of flower seeds is glued between two layers of recycled paper. When the event is over, you can plant the biodegradable lanyard (without the carabiner) and watch the seeds grow into flowers. The lanyard itself is 45cm (length) x 2cm (width) and 5g in weight and is available from 500 units.

What seeds are available?

In order to maintain a healthy bee population, the seed choices range from Feverfew, Veilweed, Snapdragon, Crooked Flower, Silver Shield, Mexican, Petunia, Salvia, Summer Azalea and Ice Flower.

How can the branded seed paper lanyard be customised?

The lanyard can be fully customised with a digital print to one side of the lanyard. Whether you have a creative design about your brand’s CSR goals or your event’s hashtag, you can incorporate these along the lanyard.

Where are our branded seed paper lanyards made?

Made locally to the UK, these customisable seed paper lanyards are from the Netherlands. This means there are less air miles used to deliver to UK addresses.

If you would like a quote for branded seed paper lanyards, please click here to get in touch.