Branded Graduate Recruitment Fair Gifts

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Branded Graduate Recruitment Fair Gifts

Branded Graduate Recruitment Fair Gifts

Are you planning how you will represent your brand at upcoming graduate recruitment fairs? We can help with sustainable branded graduate recruitment fair gifts to giveaway and help communicate your brand as the right company of choice for graduates looking to start their careers.

Cotton Shoppers and Tote Bags

Gifting a strong, sturdy tote bag or cotton shopper at an event is the key to getting your brand out there. One of the most popular exhibition giveaways is a bag, that’s why it is beneficial in investing in a top-quality bag which each graduate will prefer to use.

Some of our favourites are the Allington Eco 12oz Cotton Canvas Shopper Tote, Dargate Eco Jute Tote Bag and the Impact AWARE™ 240gsm Recycled Canvas Shopper with a Pocket. The Allington bag is the option we always pick for our own events! They’re generous in size, durable and of high quality.

Explore all of our reusable bag options by clicking here.

Notebooks and Pens

Every new starter will require stationery while going through the onboarding process. They’ll need a place to make important training notes and information from their induction sessions.

We have hundreds of stationery options available. One of our favourites is the A5 Bamboo Notebook & Pen Set, which is part of our exclusive range The Offset Collection. This is where we take the known CO2 of a product and offset the emissions onto verified Gold Standard projects. Other notebooks that we love are the Castelli Singer Notebook and to help graduates to process their feelings and navigate their new lifestyles, our Wellness Journeys are perfect.

Pens are a popular promotional product, so stand out amongst your competitors at graduate recruitment fairs with sustainable pen options. This Senator Liberty Bio pen ticks many sustainable attribute boxes, is stylish and lovely to write with!

Drinkware – Travel Cups and Bottles

When it comes to drinkware, reusability is key! Both for the planet and for your brand impressions and exposure. New recruits may be commuting to their new workplace, so a travel cup is perfect for the journey. Whereas bottles are great for keeping on your desk and refilling throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Two of our most popular travel cup options are the Café Glass Cup 12oz and the Americano Renew from our renowned Americano range. The reusable bottles that we’ve always loved are our Aqua Water Bottles 800ml, GRS RPET Motivational Measurement Drinking Bottle and the popular Eevo-Therm Trend Bottle. For more mugs and drinkware options, click here.

Desk Accessories

Once graduates make it into their workplace, they’ll likely be assigned a desk. Branded desk accessories are an excellent gift to keep your brand with the graduate for longer. Our favourite desk accessories are NFC coasters, which bring up your chosen landing page when a smartphone is held close by, Bamboo Desk Organisers with integrated Wireless Charging, Phone Stands, grow your own Desktop Garden plant and desk calendars with sticky notes.


If you begin to recruit graduates, you may want to consider onboarding gifts. A popular choice for onboarding is our branded swag boxes. Watch this video to see how the concept works:

If you would like to discuss branded graduate recruitment fair gifts with a member of our team, please click here to get in touch.