Branded Swag Boxes

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branded swag boxes

Branded Swag Boxes

New to our range are our branded swag boxes. In short, these are a box filled with merchandise featuring your logo plus personalisation if you wish. These boxes can also include a branded letter with your message. Plus, an optional branded sticker to go on the exterior of the box or a custom designed box.

What are the benefits of these branded swag boxes?

It can often be hard to boost morale and these swag boxes are the ideal way to show your team that you care. Plus, we can help ship these to individual home addresses, what a treat to open the front door to!

They are versatile! They can be made to fit any promotion or message you are trying to deliver. For instance, we could work with you to build a box that would be ideal for self-care while another would be great for working from home.

Do you have an example of branded swag boxes?

Yes! Check out our Firebrand branded swag box video.

Why should my brand use swag boxes?

Do you have new starters joining your team? A box of personalised gifts is a great way to give a warm welcome on their first day of their onboarding process. It will make them feel appreciated from the get-go.

You may have virtual calls as a team while working from home. You could treat them to a gift to open ahead of, or on the call.

If you have a customer loyalty scheme, a swag box is a great way to say thanks for their repeat custom! You could even add their individual names to provide the finishing touch and make the gifts more likely to be kept.

Trying to find a way to WOW your prospect customers? Did you know, 83% of people have purchased from a company that gave them a promotional gift!

We like to keep the environment at heart. We can suggest sustainable products to go into your branded swag boxes. On a select range of our products, we can also provide the CO2 footprint.

How does it work?

Get in touch! We’ll discuss your brief with you and put forward options that we think would work for your box. If you know what you’d like in your swag box already, just let us know.

We’ll then discuss what you would like your box to look like. Plus, the finishing touches such as personalisation on products or flyers inserted.

The exciting bit happens next, your box will then be filled with your branded products in our warehouse. We can add a letter as well if you wish. Lastly, our team will prepare them to be shipped to the list of addresses that you have collated.

Finally, your recipients will receive a branded gift box much to their surprise! Making them feel appreciated and thought of. Plus, every time they use their products after, your brand will be remembered.

To find all of our contact details or to complete our enquiry form, please click here.

We now have all of our pre-prepared branded swag boxes available to view on our product page! Click here to explore the range.