Branded Face Mask Straps

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branded face mask straps

Branded Face Mask Straps

Wearing a face mask for a pro-longed period can cause pain to behind the ears. Many of those working front line to help save lives or an essential worker in shops would have felt this. The pain is going to continue for as long as we must wear face protections on public transport. That is why we have introduced Branded Face Mask Straps to the range.

The strap has small hooks for holding a mask’s elastic taut, relieving any pain or discomfort from the elastic being in direct contact with the wearer’s ears. These are also ideal for those who must wear hearing aids on their ears as it stops the straps from getting in the way.

These straps each contain the Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology. This technology provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms for the lifetime of the product.

The Face Mask Straps are available in a range of colours to suit your brand and have space to showcase your logo.

We also have branded face masks available if you’re looking to pair these with a mask. Including branded reusable face masks!

If you would like to discuss branded face mask straps for your brand, please click here to get in touch. We also have a selection of our work safe and personal protection merchandise on our website which you can see by clicking here.