Branded Biodegradable Senator Pens

branded biodegradable senator pens

Branded Biodegradable Senator Pens

In a previous post, we shared why you should choose a Senator pen as your next promotional pen? Whilst the qualities and benefits of a Senator pen remain the same, we can now supply a range of branded biodegradable Senator pens too. This mean you can now have an excellent branded pen with eco-credentials.

Whilst plastic is a valuable resource, we feel it should be used efficiently which is why Senator’s materials and production processed are designed to be free of harmful substances, ecologically compatible, waste avoiding and recyclable. 100% of Senator’s waste is either reused or recycled.

Made from bioplastic which is based on PLA, a material derived from renewable and non-finite raw materials (sugar cane) which is compostable.

Senator Nature Plus Ballpen

The Nature Plus is a push ball pen which has a shine-free barrel and clip surface. It’s manufactured from renewable materials (PLA based on sugar cane) and features the Senator magic flow G2 refill for an incredible writing experience.

Senator Super Hit Bio Ballpen

The Super Hit Bio is a push ball pen which is manufactured from raw materials (PLA based on sugar cane), it has a matt surface and a polished clip in white to contrast against the barrel colour. This pen features a Senator magic flow X20 refill.

Senator Skeye Bio Ballpen

The Skeye Bio is a twist action ballpen. It’s manufactured from renewable raw materials (PLA based on sugar cane). It has a matt surface throughout the pen and clip. Similar to the nature plus, it features the Senator magic flow G2 refill.

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