Work From Home Merchandise

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work from home merchandise

Work from Home Merchandise

Many of us have been working from home for the majority of 2020 and will continue to do so into 2021. However, it looks like many companies will adapt to a new way of working even after the COVID-19 Pandemic with a balanced mix of both working in the office or from home. The BBC recently shared an article (which is definitely worth a read) about how to be happier while working from home. Following this article, we have identified some of our popular work from home merchandise that can help you and your colleagues to remain happy.

Let in the light – Picture Frames and Candles

The BBC article states that “Sunlight triggers the brain to release the hormone serotonin. It helps people to feel calm and focussed, boosts their mood and reduces anxiety.” So why not give something to your colleagues or clients with a reason to open their windows? Whilst there are many places to put candles and pictures around the house, many people use their windowsills as a position to be decorative with both. During the winter period, candles make an excellent homely and warm gift. Many of us are also away from family and friends due to the pandemic, so a picture frame gives them somewhere to keep a memory on show.

Shut out the noise – Noise Cancelling Headphones

Taken from the article on BBC, Dr Rebecca Dewey from the University of Nottingham, an expert in how the brain interprets sound, says different parts of your brain are constantly trying to recognise different noises and changes in sounds. “That can be hugely distracting from trying to work,” she says. Noise cancelling headphones can help the user to focus solely on their computer, calls and not what is around them. The branding on the headphone is also beneficial for getting your logo seen in zoom meetings!

Declutter – Wireless Charging Bamboo Desk Organiser

“Studies have found that clutter can raise your level of cortisol, a stress hormone. That may be because clutter delivers conflicting stimuli to the brain, which then has to work harder to filter out unhelpful signals.” – BBC. Our Wireless Charging Bamboo Desk Organisers simply plug into the USB port of your laptop or other USB connector. They have various compartments as shown in the main image at the top of this article for your pen, sticky notes, phone (which will be wirelessly charging whilst you work) and any other things that are kept on a desk. These look smart when printed with a logo as well and keeps it always in view with the user!

Stand Up – Yoga Mats, Smart Watch and Drinks Bottle

Many of us have now cut out the daily commute from our day. This means in the right mindset; we do have extra time in the morning and the evening as well as at lunch to get out and do something productive.  “The commute was also a kind of decompression time for many people,” says Professor Gail Kinman, a fellow of the British Psychological Society. “It enabled people to put a clear boundary between their work and home life. When you’re working at home the boundaries become permeable.” Getting out for regular exercise can give many home workers the decompression they need. – BBC. We have seen a return in popularity for our smart watches. They are a great way to get your brand on the user’s wrist all day and night. Plus, they are a powerful tool to help us motivate ourselves, beat our calories daily or step targets. And we can’t forget the other benefits they offer such as notifications from our phones and sleep tracking.

We also have a vast range in drinkware to meet any budget. A reusable branded water bottle keeps plastic waste at bay and keeps the user on top of their hydration. It also has many benefits for your brand as every time the sports bottle is used, your brand is seen!

Working out from home instead? We can also supply many exercise products, a popular one being our yoga mats. They are great for HIIT sessions, Pilates and of course yoga, plus many other workouts.

Use Plants – Desktop Gardens and Eco Cups

In the Use Plants section of the BBC article, it says “Looking at natural objects can give your brain a break – or a series of ‘micro-breaks’ from focusing. They take up your attention, but not in a demanding or over-stimulating way. That’s helpful. Part of our product range is a collection of eco-friendly grow your own plants, which gives the user a project to work on outside of work. Our Desktop Gardens are compact aluminium pots with your seeds and soil inside. Aluminium is also the most recycled material on earth so once your plants have grown, you can reuse your pot again to store bits and bobs or recycle it.

The Eco Cups are fully compostable and resemble a takeaway cup, however they contain soil and a bag of seeds. Your brand can choose from a wide range of seeds, everything from flowers and herbs to vegetables. So essentially, you could even do a ‘Grow Your Own’ campaign to encourage people to cook at home and get them excited about it.

Social Contact – Umbrellas and Reusable Coffee Cups

The BBC article talks about how lockdown cut in-person social contact out of many of our lives. “So get out at lunchtime and in the evenings – connect with friends, family and neighbours – people you feel connected to.” Meeting others is obviously much harder in lockdown, but he suggests meeting another person to exercise with, or to walk with. In the UK, we are not often blessed with the best weather and it’s renowned for its many rainy days. We have a wide range of Umbrellas at Firebrand including walking umbrellas. We often overlook how many impressions our brands must get when someone is out and about with an umbrella printed with our brand’s logo on it. The number is countless! So, a branded umbrella is ultimately the perfect marketing tool whilst showing the user your brand cares to keep them dry when they are getting their daily exercise.

After the first lockdown, it was deemed safe for coffee shops to accept our reusable cups again. So, if popping into your closest town or village is your colleagues or client’s way of getting out and engaging in social contact, then a reusable coffee cup could be the ideal gift for them. You may have read about our Brite-Americano Pure previously on our website, this reusable tumbler could be a great option for your brand. Resembling your typical takeaway cup, the Americano Pure is a reusable alternative to keep coffee cup waste to a minimum. This cup contains the Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology. This technology provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms on the surface of the mug. Plus, no matter how many times the cup is used or washed, the protection never fades! This gives your recipient peace of mind when handing their cup over to a barista in a coffee shop whilst getting the social contact they need.


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