UK Made Branded Merchandise

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uk made branded merchandise

UK Made Branded Merchandise

Having a fully educated team is key to helping our clients choose branded merchandise with sustainable attributes. Recently, our Sales & Marketing team visited a key supply partner’s factory in Britain. The purpose of this was to see how UK Made Branded Merchandise is produced. This included recyclable branded packaging and in-house chocolate making! Fortunately, we decided to film our tour. This means, you can also experience how our confectionery and packaging is manufactured…

What are the benefits of UK manufacturing?

Taken from Made in Britain’s website, UK manufacturing has benefits such as quality control & speed, better for the environment and supporting the local economy. As stated in our factory tour video, buying UK Made Branded Merchandise can reduce carbon emissions. This is because it often significantly reduces the mileage a product must travel to reach its destination, and in turn, its emissions. Our video also states that as well as supporting the UK economy and creating jobs, products produced in the UK often have a shorter lead time. This is because of the shorter distance that a product needs to travel.

What UK Made Branded Merchandise is available?

British made products is an area that is growing in the branded merchandise industry. As seen in the video, we can provide customisable, recyclable packaging for confectionery, drinkware, tech and more. In addition to this, the chocolate that we sell is also made in the UK. Plus, we can now also brand directly onto chocolate!

Asides from what you have seen in our video, we can also provide UK manufactured trolley coin keyrings, lanyards, cutlery, badges, awards, coasters, webcam covers, seed products and more.

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