Things to consider if you’re rebranding

things To Consider If You're Rebranding

If your company is going through a rebrand or the idea of it is in the pipeline, then we’ve given some thought as to what you should be considering.

Start with your core messaging

Before deciding on your colour palette or which social networks you should be utilising, it’s important that you have mapped out the fundamentals of your business and what it is that you want to be selling to people.

What was working before and what wasn’t?

Parts of your current branding won’t need changing. There will be aspects of your brand that have worked for your company for years but there will be some parts that haven’t. Try and develop what works and change what doesn’t.

After the foundations have been laid, call a designer or a web developer

Create a brief based on your core messaging, target audience, what you want to keep and what you don’t want to keep and find a team that can help you to meet your goals. Go for a designer that doesn’t tail off the back of trends as rebrands are expensive and time consuming and what’s trending now won’t be trending in 10 years’ time.

You will have to update all of the aspects of your branding

It can be hard to lose track of where you have placed your logo from letterheads to business cards, rebranding means you’ll need to be reprinting a lot of collateral. You may have to order new uniform to go with your new logo, get new company pens or even re-stock the kitchen mugs. If you need any help with what needs rebranding, you can talk to us about our promotional merchandise options.

Do competitor research

Some of your competitors may have a really up-to-scratch website with social media channels that look great, look at what they’re doing right and use it to develop your brand.

Make the rebrand public

Once the rebrand is complete, make sure your customers know! You’ll need to take time to write a blog post for the website, post to social media, send an email marketing campaign and any other ways that you can think of.

If you’re thinking of going through a rebrand, let us know – we’ll be happy to help source you the perfect promotional merchandise to match your new design.