Technology trends for 2016

technology trends

What are this year’s top technology trends for 2016? Here are our 5 favourites below:

5) Bluetooth Speaker

AIR² claims to be the first floating Bluetooth speaker of it’s kind, levitating over its base.

4) iCAM

iCAM HD is one of the newest entries to the home security market. It is an innovative home security camera featuring full HD video, object tracking, multi-viewing and 360° rotation giving the user complete control over their home anywhere.

3) iHealth

Apple does it again! This powerful glucose meter plugs directly into your smartphone’s headphone jack and displays results instantly on the phone screen using a mobile app. Its compact size and mobile capability make it the most convenient tool for diabetes management.

2) Bluetooth enabled padlock

Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled padlock. Protect your property and belongings without the hassle of keys or combinations. Share access with others via the Noke app with the tap of a button.

1) The pocket printer

ZUtA Labs claim to have re-imagined the printer to fit today’s on-the-go working space. “We created a little robot that runs on the paper and lays the ink while doing so. The printer is small in size, yet can print on any size of paper.”