Sustainable Branded Merchandise Product Feed

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sustainable branded merchandise

Sustainable Branded Merchandise Product Feed

What makes a branded product ‘sustainable’?

We have identified various attributes that make a product ‘sustainable’, and the merchandise shown on our website have at least one of these qualities. In this article, we’re going to be sharing the different attributes that we consider when calling a product ‘sustainable’. You can also find all the definitions of our attributes and our products by clicking here. We hope that this helps you to make an informed decision when buying merchandise for your brand.

Here are the qualities to look out for…

Recycled Materials

Products that reduce waste and the use of virgin materials by reusing materials and stopping them from reaching the landfill or ocean.


Natural Materials

Using renewable resources helps to avoid the use of virgin materials. An example of this is PLA which is a plastic-like material that is actually made with plant based content, such as Sugar Cane.

Organic Materials

Organic materials are grown without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilisers. For a product to be called Organic, it must have been certified by a third party and we work closely with our supply chain to ensure they have certification. Pesticides emit three main greenhouse gases when they are made: Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide.

Made in the UK

From a carbon emissions perspective, buying UK made products often significantly reduces the mileage a product must travel to reach its destination, and in turn, its emissions. British made merchandise also supports the UK economy and creates jobs.


Gifting merchandise that is reusable rather than single-use means they stop products from going to waste and they also have longevity.



Recycling is the process of converting waste materials, that would usually be thrown away, into new materials and objects.



Social Contribution

Supports social causes such as supporting global reforestation projects or educating girls in India.



Using block-chain technology or relevant certifications, we can verify the use of materials used and all claims made.


Zero Plastic

Reducing the use of plastic in our products by using alternative, durable materials.


Known Carbon Emissions

After a lifetime cycle analysis (LCA) was conducted on this range of products, we can provide you with the carbon footprint of the products.


The Offset Collection

A ring-fenced collection exclusive to Firebrand Promotions. The Offset Collection takes the CO2 count from the LCA of the products and offsets them via Gold Standard projects to make them Carbon Neutral.

Biodegradable or Compostable

Items that contain elements that can break down naturally and quicker than more commonly used materials without causing harm to the environment.


Circular Economy

This is where a product is designed to last longer or easier to repair but when it reaches its end of life, it can be recycled or repurposed and made into a new product. This helps to avoid the prospect of the material reaching landfill or ocean so in turn, it helps the environment too.


Products that don’t use any materials of animal origin. Did you know, as cattle digest their food, they produce and emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas?


Premium Brands

Popular retail brands that can be co-branded. Besides many of their brands being on their own sustainability journey, the products are also known for longevity. This means, your brand will last on a product for a long time, which is great for return on investment.

Why have we decided to have a sustainable branded merchandise product feed?

As part of the Firebrand Promise, we have made the decision to only promote promotional products with a lower impact on our planet. Our Senior Marketing Executive, Lauren, completed her Carbon Literacy training in March 2023. One of the commitments that Lauren made to help reduce carbon was to overhaul the product collection on our website with one that only has sustainable attributes. By doing this, it gives our customers a catalogue of products to browse that only have sustainable attributes. Ultimately, the attribute icons on each product will help to give our customers the opportunity make an informed decision on how they spend their marketing budget. We want to help use our knowledge to educate you, so that you can shop sustainably to help support your brand’s own CSR goals.

Tree Planting

At Firebrand, we plant 10 trees with every order over £500 (ex VAT). Our tree planting offer is a great way to give something back to the planet when you order branded merchandise. Our trees are planted through our partnership with Climate Wise and the Eden Reforestation Projects. The trees we plant are Mangrove Trees.  Mangrove trees have an average growth cycle of 25 years. Over the course of the 25-year cycle, they will absorb 308kg of CO₂ per tree or just over 12.32kg of CO₂ per year.

If you would like to discuss your sustainable branded merchandise enquiry with a member of our team, please click here to get in touch.

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