Sustainable Branded Coasters

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sustainable branded coasters

Sustainable Branded Coasters

Coasters are a popular product for homes and offices. We use them protect the surface of our tables from condensation or ring marks where a cup may be placed. They also usually have a permanent home on their table, so they’re great for logo impressions if you were to brand one. Have you considered sustainable branded coasters for your next giveaway? Here are some popular coaster choices that our customers have been ordering…

Bamboo Coasters with an optional extra: NFC!

Our Bamboo Coasters are 5mm thick and use thick caramel finished bamboo. They’re made in the UK and can be laser cut to any bespoke size or shape up to 100mm x 100mm. Standard shapes are also available, these are out 92mm square or circle coasters. The branding on these coasters is really impressive, you can pick from either a full colour print or a laser engrave. Plus, there is the optional extra to add an NFC chip. This means if a recipient of your coaster puts their NFC enabled smartphone near it, a notification will pop up with your landing page. We recommend adding NFC to your coasters if you have a business card, video or product launch. When you order a standard shape coaster, a cork base is also added to the Bamboo. A satin wood oil is then applied to all coasters. Watch our video to see how our Bamboo coasters were made for one of our merchandise events.

Ceramic Coasters

Our 5mm thick ceramic coasters are made in the UK from natural materials and are recyclable in a hardcore container. Ceramic is also completely heat resistant. These ceramic coasters are available on their own or in sets of 4, 6 and 8 in sustainably sourced card gift boxes. Similar to the Bamboo coaster, these have a cork backing and can be printed in full colour. The standard shapes are a 100mm square or a 103mm diameter circle.

Seed Paper Coasters

An excellent alternative to disposable paper coasters that you tend to find in bars and pubs are our seed paper coasters. While they’re not continuously reusable, they don’t have to go to landfill or be recycled, they can be planted! Once these coasters are planted, they will grow into whichever seed you pick, this could be flowers, herbs, or vegetables! Your full colour design can be printed on one side of the coaster. These coasters are made in Europe.

If you’re interest in sustainable branded coasters, please click here to get in touch.