Branded Social Stories Club Gift Hampers available from Firebrand Promotions

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branded social stories club gift hampers

Branded Social Stories Club Gift Hampers available from Firebrand Promotions

We’re pleased to share that Firebrand have partnered with Social Stories Club. This partnership brings branded Social Stories Club Gift Hampers to our customers.

This short video from Aayush, Co-Founder of Social Stories Club explains who they are…

Who are the Social Stories Club?

Social Stories Club is known for creating sustainable hampers and introducing receivers to the world of social enterprises through these exciting gifts. With their hampers, you can try delicious products and read their fascinating social stories in the storybook included. With each hamper, they focus on the social stories behind the products in their sustainable gift hampers. Stories have enormous power to catalyse people to act, provide hope in a new vision for the future, and transform core belief systems.

What packaging do the Social Stories Club use?

At Social Stories Club, their packaging is either biodegradable gift boxes or reusable gift hampers. Each box is printed with “this box supports different social causes”. They are illustrated with designs of people carrying out the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. They are then sent out in biodegradable mailer bags. Their hampers are made from paper rope, which can be reused as storage or filled with new gifts and given to someone else. The wood wool which fills the gifts and keeps each sustainable product secure is sourced from sustainable timber forests.

What are the branding options for branded Social Stories Club gift hampers?

Branded Belly Bands

Belly bands are available from 50 units. They can be printed in any colour of your choice to match your corporate logo and branding. The belly band is made using biodegradable materials.

Branded A6 Cards

First impressions count! When your recipient opens your gift hamper, you have the option for them to see your logo and message to be the first thing they see on an A6 card. The card option is available from a minimum of 25 units.

Branded Story Booklets

One of the most loved elements of the Social Stories Club’s gift hampers are their story booklets. These booklets share the inspiring stories behind each product and the Sustainable Development Goals. From a minimum order of 100 units, we can work with you to add a page in the story booklet about your brand.

Branded Ribbons

The ribbons used for the Social Stories Club’s gift hampers are made using 100% recycled plastic bottles.  From 100 units, we can print your logo on the ribbon.

Branded Stickers

Available in various shapes and sizes, you also have the option to add a sticker to your box. Stickers are a simple and easy way to highlight your brand on the gift box. They are available from 50 units.

Are bespoke Gift Hampers available?

Yes! We can work with you to create a bespoke gift hamper using the Social Stories Club’s available products. This is available from 25 units, however you can order their pre-curated gift boxes from only 1 unit. The packaging options for your bespoke gifts include gift hamper, gift box and letterbox gift.

If you would like to discuss ordering the Branded Social Stories Club gift hampers through Firebrand Promotions, please click here to get in touch.