Is Short-termism effecting Marketing?


Is short-termism effecting marketing?

The ‘Marketing Week Magazine’ recently reported that marketers are being placed under increasing pressure to prove that their campaigns are hitting short-term targets and are contributing to the bottom line. You can read their article here.

Short-term activation’s such as promotional deals, offers and seasonal prompts are very powerful, as these short periods continually hit the consumer, which improves their long term memory of the brand. The idea being that this tactic can help improve immediate sales, which contribute to their financial targets.

But it this the only reason why marketers are opting for short-termism?

Alternatively, some believe that the rise in digital communication is another reason for the change. You can constantly measure and edit online campaigns and develop the content as the promotion evolves. This gives marketers the tools to run shorter, yet more directed campaigns to their desired audiences.

However, the IPA suggests that the reason lies with a lack of creativity. They write that marketers are now focusing on getting people to talk about brands quickly. That companies are under-funding creative campaigns in order to rush them to market before their respective competition.

Whatever the reason, we as promotional merchandise suppliers are all for it!