Protecting cars from thieves

protecting cars from thieves

Protecting Cars From Thieves

Circulating the news lately, thieves are unfortunately hacking key-less cars. They’ve found a silent way to steal these cars in just 60 seconds.

Thieves work together using an amplifier and transmitter. From CCTV footage, it shows that one of the thieves will stand by a house with an amplifier and another by the car with a transmitter. The amplifier then sends a signal to the transmitter which the car is tricked into thinking is the key.

So, how can your brand help in protecting cars from thieves?

Signal blocking and anti-radiation cases

We can now supply cases which hold your car key (as well as your phone or cards) and prevents key-less car skimming.

The case itself is lightweight and offers a good branding area.

Whilst also preventing car theft, it’s the perfect way to promote safe driving too as it can be used to store phones whilst driving. When a phone is in the case, it blocks all cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth signals.

If you’re interested in adding your logo to a signal blocking and anti-radiation case, contact us today by clicking here. Alternatively, if you book a merchandise meeting with our sales team after reading this post, we’ll bring a free sample to the meeting for you!