Promotional merchandise for students

promotional merchandise for students

Keep students happy with branded merchandise

It’s a known fact that students love a good freebie! When money is tight (which it usually is at university), free gifts can be very appealing to the market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your brand to students with your personalised promotional merchandise.

We’ve put together a few various products that would be great to help students in their daily activities whilst promoting your brand.


As most students have just moved into their 1st place, they’re going to be overwhelmed with how much they need to buy to fill the cupboards. Why not help them out with branded mugs? A simple product offering great brand exposure that holds the ability to get your message out to visitors and flat mates.

Desk Items

Whilst it’s great enjoying the social life of being a student, there is still work to be done. Whether they’re organised and work in advance or leave it to the last minute and cram all their work into one stressful evening, desk items are definitely going to be needed.

Whether you supply them with branded pens, notebooks or pen pots, they’re definitely going to be used. You could even increase your brand exposure with a mouse mat or photo frames.

Computer accessories

Now-a-days with the world going digital, every student won’t feel complete until they’ve got a laptop or computer to do their work on. Whilst still needing a notebook, all their research and essay writing will be done quicker than ever with the use of a computer.

Branded USB sticks, laptop cases or even a wireless mouse will make for an excellent promotional gift.


Whether it’s a reading week or a seasonal holiday, students are sure to be travelling back and forth from home to uni. Why not give them branded bags to carry their accessories? Tote bags are also great for carrying books and pens around the campus. Don’t skip the chance to add your logo to the bags for enhanced brand exposure.

Party items

Last but not least, there is definitely the stereotype of university students loving a good party. Help cater for this with branded pint glasses, shot glasses and drink stirrers. Or why not assist with the drinking games with a pack of branded cards.

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