The New Pokkit Plug Family!

Pokkit Plug

Introducing the Pokkit Plug Family!

The Pokkit Plug family is a collection of charging plugs that have been exclusively designed for the UK market and those travelling to Britain. Pokkit chargers conveniently fold flat, making it perfect for travel whilst protecting your devices from getting scratched.

Pokkit Duo

The Pokkit Duo is complete with twin USB ports for simultaneous charging. It folds flat to 18mm thick – perfect size for putting in your pocket! The Pokkit Duo is available in white with grey, blue or red pins and buttons making it an excellent promotional product.

Pokkit Quad

The Pokkit Quad is an excellent choice for those with lots of devices! With four USB ports, this is a fantastic promotional product to giveaway. The Pokkit Quad also folds flat to 18mm thick and is available in white with grey pins and buttons.

Pokkit Power

The Pokkit Power is the ultimate Pokkit charging plug! With twin USB ports and a 2000mAh power bank, this is sure to go down a treat for those on the go! The Pokkit Power has a rechargeable battery and also folds flat to 18mm. It’s available in white with grey pins and buttons.

The Pokkit family is RoHS, SE and FC certified.

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