Making a difference feels fantastic!

nsobe trust school

Making a Difference Feels Fantastic! – Nsobe Trust School

The Firebrand Promotions team recently donated some of our promotional products to the Nsobe Trust School in Africa.

The Nsobe Trust School is a rural community school that provides quality education, discipleship, life skills and opportunities to vulnerable, rural children. In rural Zambia, there are not enough schools accessible to the village children in the area. 90% of the children’s parents are illiterate and live below the poverty line. The Nsobe Trust School started in 2009 to help make a difference. The main aim of the school is to offer hope and the chance of an educated future.

The Nsobe Trust School currently has 260 children in 9 grades (reception to grade 8) as well as 13 dedicated teachers plus supporting staff. As a result of their success, the school plans to grow a grade each year until reaching grade 12.

Fortunately, we were able to provide the children with circa 500 notebooks, 700 pens and a variety of bags, bottles and teddy bears.

If anyone else is interested in helping these children in a remote part of Africa, you can contact us or have a look at their website