Merchandise To Promote Health And Safety

Merchandise To Promote Health And Safety

Merchandise To Promote Health And Safety

At Firebrand, one of our key focuses is to continue to bring the latest trends and options to help our customer brand(s) develop and thrive.

We now have a range of merchandise that promotes the healthy and environmentally conscious world, whilst delivering many low-cost branding impressions… so, meet Visto!

Visto products work towards protecting cyclists, runners, walkers or anyone out in the dark by using high visibility LEDs. These products use the most advanced technology combined with smart, easy-to-use functionality to create innovative products that last. Essentially, Visto puts safety first in a fun way.

In 2015, London alone had circa 610,000 cyclists a day, which is 23,000,000 a year! Imagine the increase of cyclists in 2018… using Visto merchandise can help to create low cost branding impressions daily.

We’ve summarised some of our favourite Visto products and how they can work for brands like yours…

Forward / Left & Right Turn Signal + Auto-Brake Light Panel

The light panel is an extra-large, wireless LED signal light panel which provides clear signals that can be seen from far away. It comes with a wireless remote control that can be handlebar mounted.

To activate the brake light, the built-in accelerometer picks up sudden deceleration meaning you don’t need to press any buttons.

The light panel is fitted with an elastic rope so that it can be easily wrapped around backpacks.

Saturn – LED Arm Band

The LED Arm Band has a flashing pattern which will change according to the pace of your run. A slower flashing pattern will apply when you slow down giving an important signal to passers-by when approaching the user.

It’s lightweight so you’ll barely notice that it’s there. The LEDs are bright enough to ensure people can see you from 100 meters away.

The LED Arm Band is adjustable so you can wear it on your arms or legs comfortably. Perfect for running, walking or cycling.

Helmet Strap Light

The Strap Light is an ultra-bright LED strap which is easy to mount onto a helmet or bicycle frame.

It enhances visibility of the cyclist and enhances the style of your bike.

If you use the strap light on a static light, it can offer 50 hours, if you have the strap light on a flashing light, it can offer 100 hours before changing the batteries.

This new collection from Firebrand is now available and we are very excited to be able to bring it to the market at such a relevant time for this type of product. The Firebrand team are on hand to discuss it in more detail.

To look at the full Visto range, imagery and product information, please click here.