Firebrand’s Journey to Net Zero

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journey to net zero

At Firebrand, we have been on our sustainability journey since 2017. In more recent years, it’s become one of our main priorities as a business. We recognise that to develop sustainably and to help other brands to do the same, we need to remain transparent, honest, and open to learning.

Sustainability is constantly evolving and so is our knowledge. In June 2023, our Sales & Marketing Director, Paul and Senior Marketing Executive, Lauren, attended the BPMA Sustainability Conference. This conference was the start of the BPMA Step Forward Pledge. This pledge aims to help every member of the BPMA take proactive steps to embed sustainability within their products, their operations and in the communities they serve. The conference was made up with multiple speakers, one of which made us realise something needed to change at Firebrand. That change is our logo and our Net Zero status.

In 2022, per the United Nation’s definition of Net Zero and guidance at the time from our climate partners, Climate Wise, we were identified as achieving Net Zero. At Firebrand, we diligently measured and addressed our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, as well as implemented verified Gold Standard offset schemes to neutralize the remaining emissions. As the sustainability industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving field that continuously adapts and improves as new guidance, technologies, and insights emerge, we understand that achieving Net Zero requires a comprehensive approach that includes measuring the emissions from our supply chain, which is included in Scope 3 emissions. Therefore, after consultation with Climate Wise, we are rebranding ourselves as “on a journey to net zero”.

At Firebrand, we embrace the evolving nature of the sustainability industry and remain committed to staying at the forefront of best practices to drive positive change. We are not preaching to be perfect; we believe in progress rather than perfection. Part of that progress includes learning, and we remain committed to our journey and focus on CSR. We will continue to make positive changes, analyse our carbon footprint and focus on reduction.

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