Go Go Gadget

Gadget merchandise; Go Go Gadget

Go Go Gadget

Firebrand always try to offer the latest in promotional merchandise and this month is no exception. As marketers, we like to receive new ideas on products and hopefully our latest gadget catalogue will do exactly that!

The average promotional item is kept for 7 months – that’s a lot of time for your brand and message to be on shown. Fortunately, gadgets appear to top these charts! One reason being that gadgets allow us to operate in our digital world seamlessly, they are designed to fit to our lifestyles and secondly, smart gadgets are usually quite novel!

Therefore, it’s time to geek up your work-space and embrace what the wonderful world of promotion has to offer. Take the example of the Geo-Mouse. Not only does its unique shape fit comfortably in your hand but the LED branding is a distinctive design feature; this product offers both comfort and style.

Or let’s look at the brand-able LumoLift, an exciting new fitness wearable. The unusual and novel alternative to the normal fitness tracker with the added body posture control feature and personal coach proves to be popular. Once again, the good branding options and simple clean design helps to sell this product above and beyond the rest.

Simply, gadgets can give you that razor-sharp competitive edge against your competitors when promoting your brand. Interested in these products? Take a look at our online catalogue.