Firebrand Promotions Climate Wise Collaboration

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Firebrand Promotions Climate Wise Collaboration

Press Release

19th August 2021

Firebrand Promotions – The journey to becoming Carbon Net Zero

Firebrand Promotions have agreed a strategic partnership with Climate Wise. Climate Wise will take Firebrand on the educational yet important journey to become a Carbon Net Zero company via offset.

Sustainability is growing in importance to many of Firebrand’s key clients. Firebrand recognises that helping the environment is crucial and have been making positive changes since 2017 when they launched their ‘Project Green’ initiative. The Firebrand website states “Aside from delivering merchandise solutions, our primary purpose is to think differently, challenge what we do and look at ways that we can make a more positive impact on the environment. Back in 2017 we created ‘Project Green’ and this initiative drives us to consider how we buy, what products we source and how we take them to market in a more environmentally friendly way. It’s a journey and we enjoy it.

Led by Stephen Castree, who has had a stellar career in the corporate world, the Climate Wise team has the knowhow and expertise to help Firebrand accomplish some of their key sustainability goals. The partnership between Firebrand Promotions and Climate Wise will take ‘Project Green’ further and allow Firebrand to give something back to the environment.

The project is an on-going process for Firebrand. It will be split into 3 key areas and will run from the Autumn of 2021. The focus initially will be on step 1 and 2. The first stage is that each member of staff will get their personal carbon footprint offset. The staff will also receive education on how to better their carbon footprint. This poses benefits for each team member as well as benefits for Firebrand’s clients as they will have the confidence in knowing that they are working with a well-educated team.

Stage 2 involves measuring, planning reductions, and offsetting to render Firebrand Promotions carbon neutral. Firebrand will compute a corporate carbon footprint (CCF) and / or a product carbon footprint (PCF). From this, Climate Wise will then create a proposal detailing suggestions as to how Firebrand can reduce that footprint, as well as providing a cost per tonne to offset which will allow Firebrand Promotions to become carbon neutral.

Step 3 will be focused on in the future. It involves specific products in the Firebrand range and support from their supply partners to make these products carbon neutral via offset. Firebrand operate in a challenging space in relation to this due to product source and shipping etc. However, partnering with the right suppliers, challenging them and creating carbon neutral collections for Firebrand’s clients will be another step in the right direction. This is just one concept that is in discussion so far.

Firebrand’s sales & marketing director, Paul Oakley has said the following “This is such an important initiative that we have undertaken in collaboration with the team at Climate Wise. Our work with them will enable Firebrand to move along its journey to becoming carbon neutral and this will cover our staff, company, and products. As a team we are very excited about the project and how it will help the planet and our customers whilst broadening our knowledge of this vitally important topic.”

Firebrand are looking forward to sharing more of this journey with their clients and suppliers as they learn and achieve more.


To discuss the partnership between Firebrand Promotions and Climate Wise further, please contact Paul Oakley on or +44 (0) 1372 376554.