Firebrand are a Carbon Net Zero Branded Merchandise Company!

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Carbon Net Zero Branded Merchandise Company

Firebrand are a Carbon Net Zero Branded Merchandise Company!

We’re pleased to announce that Firebrand Promotions are now a Carbon Net Zero branded merchandise company!

Firebrand Promotions partnered with Climate Wise back in 2021 and initially, when we first started to work with them, we measured our Carbon Footprint for 2018/19. The reason we measured this time frame was to get an accurate reading of our business’ emissions during typical trading conditions. Like many, our business model had to adapt for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019/20 and this wouldn’t have provided an accurate reading of our emissions for future comparison. Recent analysis of our current carbon footprint relative to the 18/19 model has confirmed that we have reduced our Carbon Footprint by an impressive 39 tonnes!

As a business it has always been an objective to achieve net zero and we were thrilled when the team at Climate Wise confirmed that we had reached this status. Katrine, Head of Operations and Communications at Climate Wise said “As you have taken all the possible and feasible current steps internally to reduce your carbon footprint and are involved in external measures to offset it, we agree that you are already net zero. Additionally, as you are taking your impact one step further and offsetting your employees’ personal and professional lives, you are now climate positive. We understand that you are constantly monitoring your environmental impact throughout your operations and are constantly seeking out ways to reduce it, which is what is required to achieve net zero”.

This is a huge accomplishment by the company, our staff, and supply chain partners, and a massive thank you to all involved.

We work with many likeminded brands who are on their own sustainability journeys. If you would like to partner with a Carbon Net Zero branded merchandise company and to see how Firebrand can support your companies CSR goals. Please get in touch, click here to contact us.

Please note: Firebrand’s Carbon Net Zero achievement represents only the business and staff, this does not apply to our supply chain.