Exhibition Checklist

exhibition checklist

Exhibition Checklist

Attending or exhibiting at an exhibition can return many benefits for your business, for example, you can generate new leads, sell your products or services and check out new trends.

Once you’ve worked out what you aim to achieve from attending a show, it’s key that you create yourself an exhibition checklist. We’ve put together a few aspects of your exhibtion checklist that you should be considering…

Decide who’s going

If you’re exhibiting, who you have manning your stand can be the difference between success and failure. So, assembling the right team is critical. Ensure that you have enough members of staff on your stand at all times so that your stand is never left alone.

Select your space

You’ll want to register quickly to exhibit as the best spaces get taken up quickly! Ensure you choose the best possible space for your brand. The central area of the exhibition can be good as that is where you tend to get the most footfall. However, being near the entrance / exit is also good so new arrivals, or people leaving can spot you easily.

Creating the look and feel of your stand

How your stand looks is a game changer. Make sure your space looks welcoming yet interesting. You want to be able to captivate passers-by. This may be through the use of branded giveaways, which we’re able to create ideas lists for.


As mentioned, branded giveaways are a great way to increase footfall on your stand. Some of the most popular merchandise items are pens, water, gadgets, confectionery and items that the recipient can use in their own daily lifestyles as well as in their work life.


You may need to sort out travel for your own staff as well as any guests that you’ve invited along. Factor into your events budget travel costs for either trains, cars or even planes.


Having your staff in a standardised uniform will help to create a professional look for your brand. You can add your logo and other messages to various parts of a garment. Contact us today to talk about branded uniform.

Getting the word out there

Don’t forget to tell your existing and prospect clients that you’ll be exhibiting at this show. Send out a pre-show mailer to create excitement and inform people. You may also decide to deliver branded gifts to your clients with the exhibition messaging on there.

Follow up

It’s key that you follow up with any of your event clients to ensure that they were satisfied with their experience of your exhibition. You may decide to do this via a survey or face to face conversation. You could even send them a promotional gift to thank them for their time. If this is a route you decide to go down, get in touch to see how we can help.

If you’re planning your next exhibition, contact us today to discuss branded merchandise for your event space.