Branded Webcam Covers

branded webcam covers

Branded Webcam Covers

Branded webcam covers are an essential marketing tool and security feature for your brand. A few years ago, a photo surfaced and circulated the internet of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg with his tape-covered laptop camera. As a result of this, webcam hacking and the prevention of it became a hot cyber security topic.

Why should we use webcam covers?

Affecting thousands of people each year, the most common way that hackers access a computer is through remote access trojans. Malware programs are usually unknowingly downloaded by a user when they click a bad link or download a corrupt file. Once a hacker has access to a computer, they have the ability to spy on someone through the computer’s webcam. Even worse, with this kind of malware, they’re often able to disable the camera’s LED light. This means you wouldn’t be able to tell if your camera has been hacked just by looking at it.

There are many antivirus programs available which can help to prevent these situations. You should also put a physical barrier over your webcam to stop a hacker from watching or recording you. FBI Director James Comey also recommends covering your webcam too.

How can branded webcam covers work for your company?

Whilst helping to increase the cyber security in your workplace, our webcam covers are an excellent way of getting your logo in eye view with the laptop user.

We can offer webcam covers in different shapes, colours and sizes to ensure you are happy with the style, look and feel of the cover when it is on your laptop or computer. We also have sizes which are big enough for both laptops and computers as well as small enough for smartphones and tablets too.

Along with the webcam cover, you’ll also be able to brand a backing card with your brand’s message. You may want to use to explain the importance of using a webcam cover to ensure your recipient uses the cover.

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