Branded Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate

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branded Tony's Chocolonely chocolate

Branded Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate 180g Bars

At Firebrand, we’re always looking for new products with sustainable attributes to take to market. We’re pleased to announce that we can now provide branded Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars! This is one of the fastest growing chocolate brands in the UK currently and tastes amazing. Tony’s Chocolonely are on a mission to make 100% slave-free chocolate. Not just their chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide.

How do they make chocolate 100% slave-free?

Tony’s Chocolonely use 5 sourcing principles to purchase their cocoa beans. This includes paying a higher price. Tony’s is Fairtrade certified. They pay farmers a Tony’s premium on top of the Fairtrade premium to ensure farmers can earn a living income.

Tony’s also have full traceability from the cocoa bean to the bar. We know how important traceability is to our customers, so this was a big selling point for us. Find out more about their 5 sourcing principles here.

How sustainable are the Branded Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars?

We identified 6 sustainable attributes, 7 if you go for the vegan flavours! This includes:

Social Contribution: Through Tony’s Chocolonely higher premium, they’re contributing to farmers and ensuring they are paid fairly. Plus, the sourcing principles means children aren’t exploited to farm for cocoa.

Zero Plastic: The packaging is plastic free and the chocolate contains no palm oil.

Natural Materials: Paper is a material that we consider to be natural. Tony’s sustainably source their paper that they use for their packaging.

Recycled Materials: Both the paper and the foil that they use in their packaging is made with recycled materials.

Premium Brands: We consider Premium Brands to be a sustainable attribute due to brands having their own CSR goals and sustainable strategies. Tony’s is no exception to this. Recyclable: Once the chocolate has been enjoyed, you can simply recycle the packaging with your paper waste. The foil used is also made of recyclable materials and can be recycled again by crunching it into a ball and putting it into your recycling.

Vegan: Not all the bars are vegan, however some flavours are. Vegan means that the chocolate doesn’t use any ingredients of animal origin. This is something we consider to be a sustainable attribute as animals produce and emit greenhouse gases.

How can the Tony’s Chocolonely bars be branded?

Currently, we can personalise the 180g chocolate bars. The packaging can be completely customised (apart from the back as Tony’s Chocolonely need to include the ingredients, sell by date and nutritional information here). Thanks to a full colour print, the customisation options are endless. You can add your logo, the Tony’s Chocolonely logo, the slave-free emblem, a QR code, personalisation, the flavour of the chocolate and more!

What flavours are available?

Our branded Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars are currently available in 8 popular flavours! Click the flavours below to read more about them…

Can we mix and match our flavours in one order?

Yes! To make it easy for you to cater to multiple dietary requirements and preferences, you can pick multiple flavours within one order. Plus, you still benefit from economy of scale.

Can we add individual name personalisation to the packaging?

Of course! You can have multiple artworks within one order. So, if you wanted to add a recipient’s name to the front of each bar, along with their favourite flavour, you can! We will send you the artwork templates so you can design them however you like. In addition to this, if you wanted to place one order for an event and save half of your order for Christmas, you could use two artwork files in one order and save on a lower price for a higher order quantity.

Did you know, Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars are unequally divided?

Tony’s Chocolonely decided it didn’t fit their brand’s values to divide their chocolate bars into equal chunks. Why should they when there is so much inequality in the chocolate industry? They unequally divide their 180g bars to remind people that the profits made in the chocolate industry are unfairly divided. The bottom of the bars represents the Equator. The chunks above are the Gulf or Guniea, then from the left to right you have the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin, Nigeria, and part of Cameroon. Tony’s created this video to explain more about their 180g bar…

How long does it take for branded Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars to arrive?

The turnaround time on the Tony’s Chocolonely bars varies on your order quantity. From 1 to 250 bars, you will only have to wait up to 4 working days. However, for orders over 3,000+ bars, this could be up to 12 working days. We can confirm the lead-time at the point of your enquiry.

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