Branded Thermometers

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branded thermometers

Branded Thermometers

A main symptom people display when they are infected with COVID-19 is a temperature. The temperature could be the only symptom that an individual shows, so it is important these are checked. With many businesses and schools reopening, having the equipment to check individuals are well enough to enter is essential. Recently, our merchandise collection has grown to include PPE and work safe merchandise, this includes a selection of thermometers.

Contactless Infrared Branded Thermometers

Our contactless infrared branded thermometer has a low MOQ of 10 pcs. The thermometer can work inside or outside and can do over 2500 scans before the unit needs recharging.

The thermometer can save up to 32 sets of data so temperature changes can be monitored each day. The temperature can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The unit will shut down automatically after 15 seconds of no use. The display also has a backlight so that I can be used at night.

The benefit of a contactless thermometer is that you can keep your distance from the person you are checking.

Digital Branded Thermometers

The digital thermometer is fast and accurate. It enables you to get temperature readings quickly and accurately. This reliable thermometer is for kids and adults and has been clinically tested for both speed and accuracy. It can also be administered orally or under the arm.

The benefit of a digital thermometer is that these readings are easily to take on yourself at home before leaving to go to your destination. Meaning, the potential spread of any infection you could take on your morning commute or into the workplace are minimised.

Branded Smart Temperature Band

Spot the first signs of a virus like COVID-19 with the Smart Health Wristband. The first thermal probing wristband on the marketing. It collects reading and displays accurate results to find out your body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.

As well as being able to detect the first signs of an illness, the Smart Bracelet has all the other features of a smart watch. I.e. you can get call and message notifications, track workouts and daily movement and monitor your sleeping patterns. This means it’s ideal for those who are also health and fitness focused too!

If you’d like to discuss branded thermometers for your workplace or employees, please click here to get in touch. Alternatively, you can view some of our PPE and work safe range on our product page or by clicking here.