Branded Solar Panel Selfie Lights

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branded solar panel selfie lights

Branded Solar Panel Selfie Lights

We live in a generation currently where TikTok and Instagram are one of the most popular places to find a trend. Many content creators on these channels use selfie lights to enhance their lighting on videos and photos. We have many lighting options available, including our branded solar panel selfie lights.

Not just for influencers, but for anyone who loves to take photos, these selfie lights are a great branded gift. If you’re running an event or a corporate away day, you could use these to encourage delegates to post about your occasion.

The selfie light can either be charged by natural sun light, or with a micro-USB. The selfie light has an 85mm diameter, the perfect size for portable use. The light can be adjusted to three different strengths.

How does the selfie light connect to your phone?

It’s super easy, you simply clip the selfie light to the top of your phone and find the perfect shot!

How can our selfie lights be branded?

These selfie lights can be branded with a 1-4 spot colour print or a full colour print across the top. The branding area is the ideal position as your logo is in full view every time it’s used! In addition to the branding to the light itself, we can also supply customised packaging. Perfect for completing the product with space to tell a story, add your contact details, a QR code and more.

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