Branded Rubik’s Cube

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branded rubik's cube

Branded Rubik’s Cube

For more than 20 years, Rubik’s has been committed to producing products responsibly and respectfully, following international social and environmental standards. Rubik’s understands the importance of taking care of its impact on the environment. An iconic product in our merchandise range is the Branded Rubik’s Cube.

Celebrating 20 years of sustainability, Rubik’s including the branded ones are manufactured from material that is 4-times recycled!

The branded Rubik’s Cube is a best-selling product that makes an effective promotional gift. The printed Rubik’s cube has been loved for decades and appeals to a huge demographic of recipients. They make an ideal promotional gift that your brand’s stakeholders won’t be able to put down!

With a promotional Rubik’s Cube, you could integrate them into a lot of different marketing campaigns. For example, give out the cubes at an event and start a competition to see who could solve it the fastest. Encourage the user to share their completed Rubik’s cube to social media and your brand exposure will grow!

The Rubik’s design is also available in many other product types such as Bluetooth speakers, keyrings, Powerbanks and highlighters plus more.

If you’d like to discuss branded Rubik’s cubes for your next campaign, please get in touch.