Branded Returnable Coffee Cups

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branded returnable coffee cups

Branded Returnable Coffee Cups

Whether you organise corporate events, work in a public attraction or want to incorporate branded reusable coffee cups into your office, we have the perfect solution for you. Meet Circular’s Returnable Cup.

Circular already have made the Circular & Co coffee cups that we all know and love. You can read more about these here. However, they’ve now introduced a returnable cup.  For the last 20 years, Circular have been pioneering a Circular approach to design and product development. Their returnable cup has been uniquely and specifically designed for commercial deposit return schemes. Single-use coffee cups will eventually be driven out of use, whether this is through legislation, climate or consumer pressures. This means, very soon 95% of the population who are still drinking their coffee from a single-use cup will need a workable cost-effective, hassle-free solution. This is where the branded Returnable Coffee Cups come in…


Besides it’s reusability, the Circular Returnable Cup has many other attributes such as being 100% recyclable at the end of its life. They’re made from 100% recycled PP and are durable and long lasting.

Low Cost Price Points

They’re designed to last 1000+ cycles. Meaning you will get an investment on your money rather than investing in single-use paper cups.

Digital Identities

The returnable cups are each given a digital identity. You have the choice of a QR Code, RFID tag or an NFC Chip. With the unique QR codes, these are laser-etched into the cup for maximum durability. The RFID tag or NFC chip would be encapsulated within the base. You can use the digital identities to drive consumer engagement, this could be rewarding consumers when they return a cup. It also supports the collection and cleaning infrastructure, enabling the use of the SMART bins and return points. Finally, you can monitor the return and recycling rates of your cups.

SMART Bins & App

The SMART collection bins have a space for the cup, lid and any residual liquid. You could have one of these bins in your office, reception, cafes, or event space. The use of the app can connect the user with the cup through serialisation. The cup is activated through its digital identity, meaning it can be tracked and the impact can be measured. You can then use the app to engage, incentivise and measure the impact. Ultimately, the aim is to change behaviours. The rich data and insights are gathered so you will know who has recycled what / where / when and the apps can show good return behaviours.

How can we add your logo to the Circular Returnable cups?

We recommend a highly durable, laser engrave to customise your cup. This can be done around each side of the cup in up to 3 locations.

The Circular Economy Explained by Circular & Co:

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