Branded merchandise for Easter

Branded Merchandise for Easter

Branded Merchandise For Easter

It’s almost Easter again and many people are ready to indulge in lots of sweet treats! So, why not send out a branded gift this Easter? We’ve got various product categories that your brand can consider for Easter…


The most common Easter gift is confectionery. Many brands bring out their own Easter egg range as well as other chocolate products for Easter. We’ve got an extensive range of confectionary for you to add your logo to… for example, chocolate eggs, foiled chocolates, mini eggs, jelly sweets and marshmallows.

Promotional toys

From stress toys to plush toys, we’ve got a range of products that you can add your logo to this Easter. For a gift that can be kept, we have stress Easter bunnies or stress Easter chicks. We’ve also got teddy bears and a choice of going fully bespoke with your own brand’s unique plush toy.

Logo bugs

Logo bugs make an excellent product for a charity giveaway. We’ve got an Easter egg style, rabbit style or a chick style. We’ve also got many other styles too for other occasions. Simply add your brand’s message to the ribbon.

Other products

If you’ve got Easter artwork designed and you want to express it through the use of a product, how about some of our other products…

  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Screen cleaners (why not integrate AR into this?)
  • Phone stands
  • Drinkware
  • Gadgets
  • Many more…

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss branded merchandise for Easter.