Branded Hi-Vis Jackets

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branded hi-vis jackets

Branded Hi-Vis Jackets

At Firebrand, we can brand clothing and headwear for several causes, such as events, sports days, or uniform. We also have a growing range of high visibility clothing. In this post, we’ll be sharing information about our branded Hi-Vis jackets. We also have a number of other Hi-Vis clothing, such as coats, trousers, t-shirts, caps and more.

What are the benefits of wearing Branded Hi-Vis Jackets?

High visibility is needed for a number of reasons. Whether it’s for construction jobs or cycling to work, it’s important to remain visible and stay protected.

  • When working outdoors either in the evening or early hours of the morning, high visibility helps you to be noticed when there isn’t much natural light.
  • If you are working in a team, every member of that team may need to wear a hi-vis vest to maintain safety and ensure no one gets hurt. This is where branding is great as it helps to make your team easily identifiable.
  • If you’re working for a company who sends staff out to work on the roads at night, high visibility clothing can help drivers to see your colleagues more easily. Therefore, protecting them from any injury.
  • Some event venues require those setting up for an exhibition to wear high visibility clothing. This helps to make everyone easily identifiable.

Are our Branded Hi-Vis Jackets compliant with ISO 20471:2013?

Yes. Our supply partners have gone through rigorous testing and audits to ensure that the branded hi-vis jackets and clothing that we take to market are compliant. ISO 20471:2013 is an international standard for the safety requirements and test methods of high visibility workwear and is applicable to high-risk situations. You can read more about this on ISO’s website.

How can our jackets be branded?

We can add your logo to any of the hi-vis jackets. Whether this be on the back or the front, we have various branding areas that can get your logo or safety message across.

Do Branded Hi-Vis Jackets have any sustainable attributes?

Yes, they have various sustainable attributes. This includes reusability, your hi-vis clothing can be used more than one on various jobs. They’re also recyclable, simply include them with any other textile recycling and they will find a new life in a new product.

If you would like to enquire about Branded Hi-Vis Jackets, for your brand, please click here to contact us. Looking for more clothing or other branded products, why not visit our product page?