Branded Eco-Friendly Blankets

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branded eco-friendly blankets

Branded Eco-Friendly Blankets

Something as simple as a blanket can help to make cold evenings a little warmer. New to our range is branded eco-friendly blankets. A great way to keep sustainability in mind when choosing your gifts for the upcoming giving season.

All the blankets in our eco-friendly range so far are made of RPET. RPET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world. It gives used PET, which is most commonly disposable plastic bottles, containers and single use packaging a new life. This reduces the environmental impact as no new virgin resin is needed to make these new products. We use RPET in many of our merchandise options, you can review our eco-friendly products by clicking here or contacting us.

Willow RPET Polar Fleece Blanket

The RPET polar fleece blanket is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a 190T RPET carry pouch with a drawstring closure. Making it great for travel and storage. This blanket comes in beige, red, blue, navy, grey and black. The pouch comes in black as standard.

Aira RPET Micro Plush Fleece Blanket with Cotton Pouch

The micro plush blanket is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The rPET blanket is packed in a 100% cotton natural canvas pouch with a drawstring. Making it a sustainable gift with an easy storage solution. The colour of the blanket is natural.

Lily RPET Coral Fleece Blanket

The Lily RPET blanket is an ultra-soft coral fleece blanket. It also comes with a 190T RPET carry pouch with a drawstring closure. The Lily blanket comes in black, blue and grey.

Ivy RPET Mohair Blanket

The Ivy blanket is an ultra-soft mohair blanket. It is wrapped and presented neatly with an 190T RPET ribbon. This blanket comes in light grey and beige.

If you would like a quote or more information on our branded eco-friendly blanket options, please click here to get in touch.