Branded Duffle Bags

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branded duffle bags

Branded Duffle Bags

One of our most popular product types sold is reusable bags. Branded Duffle Bags are trending currently, and we’ve got various duffle bags available with sustainable attributes. Here are our top 3 favourites…

Swiss Peak AWARE™ RPET Sports Duffle

The Swiss Peak AWARE RPET Sports Duffle bag is the perfect companion for a visit to the gym or a short break. This bag has sustainable attributes by using 100% recycled polyester. With the AWARE tracer, we can validate the genuine use of recycled materials, meaning this bag has traceability. Each bag has reused 31.5 0.5L PET bottles and saves 18.8 litres of water. You will make a social contribution by buying this bag. receive 2% of the proceeds from each sale. We also know the CO2 footprint of this bag through a Lifetime Cycle Analysis.

Cottover Organic Fairtrade Cotton Duffle Bag

This bag is made with Organic Cotton. For cotton to have been called Organic, it must not have used any chemical pesticides, genetically modified seeds or artificial fertilisers and must be certified by a third-party. Furthermore, the Organic Cotton is also Fairtrade. Fairtrade is an international standard which certifies the cotton in garments. Through the certification, the farmers are guaranteed a Fairtrade minimum price to cover the cost for a sustainable production. This bag is a canvas bag with rounded sides, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and YKK zippers.

Rab Escape Kit Bag LT 50

Being part of a circular economy is what makes the Rab Duffle Bag one of our favourites. Rab repairs, patches and washes your kit in their service centre, because it helps ensure that it will keep going for as long as possible. However, when it’s time to part ways with your product, they will find it a new home as long as it’s still useable. Rab suggest that you donate a product to a friend, a charity, or someone in need. If they’re unable to repair your item, Rab save what they can. Stripping items for zip pulls, toggles, spare stuff sacks. Washing and drying them, ready to re-use on repairs. For the bits we can’t reuse, Rab are exploring a range of end-of-life options. Including down recovery and recycling, repurposing fabric, donating, and more.

The duffle bag is tough, practical and ideal for adventure. The handle converts to a harness, making it easy to carry.

One thing that these duffle bags have in common is that they’re a great return on your investment! You will benefit from repeated brand exposure by gifting a robust, durable and reusable bag.

We would love to discuss branded duffle bags with you for your brand. If you would like a quote, visual or more information, please click here to get in touch.