Branded Cardboard Roller Banner

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branded cardboard roller banner

Branded Cardboard Roller Banner

At Firebrand, we’ve been searching for a plastic-free roller banner and we’ve found one! We’re now able to offer our branded cardboard roller banner as part of our core range.

Named the Re-Board® Roller Banner Stand, this unique and fully sustainable display is the perfect alternative to a retractable banner. Re-board® Premium contains no harmful components and utilises water-based adhesives. The inks used in our large format printers are VOC free, making the complete stand fully sustainable.

What size is the branded cardboard roller banner?

The dimensions are 800 x 2000mm. This is the same size as many of our other roller banner options, so you aren’t compromising on size.

Where is the banner manufactured?

The cardboard is sustainably sourced and is manufactured in Sweden.

How do we dispose of the banner when it’s no longer needed?

If you’re re-branding or no longer need the banner, you can simply recycle it with other cardboard waste.

How does it work?

The banner is folded to fit into a handy card case. When it’s required for an event, all you need to do is unfold it, slot the main panels into the base and then fold up and slot into the main banner.

What are the branding options?

The same as a roller banner, we can full colour print the Re-Board® Roller Banner stand with any design of your choice!

What other sustainable attributes does this product have?

Besides being recyclable and made with cardboard, a Lifetime Cycle Analysis has been conducted on this material  use. This means the Carbon Footprint has been measured and is known. Visit our education page to find out more about various keywords linking to sustainability.

The branded cardboard roller banner also contains zero plastic, it’s made with natural materials, it’s recyclable and reusable.

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