Branded Bamboo Sunglasses

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branded bamboo sunglasses

Branded Bamboo Sunglasses

It’s never too early to prepare for your Spring / Summer campaigns! A popular product that we sell all year round for events is our branded bamboo sunglasses. What’s great about these is that they’re not only bamboo, but they’re also made with RCS certified recycled plastic. The lenses are a smoky acrylic and conform to EN ISO 12312-1, UV 400 and CAT 3.

What is RCS?

RCS standards for Recycled Claim Standard. This means that the material used is from a verified recycled claim standard supply chain. The recycled content of the sunglasses’ frames is 100%. You can find out more about RCS on the Textile Exchange website.

How are our bamboo sunglasses branded?

We can brand your logo and or a message to either side of the bamboo part of the sunglasses. We can even individually personalise these with an individual’s name. Personalisation is popular for going the extra mile and wowing a recipient when gifting them with a branded item. Like many of our products, customised sleeves can also be added to the packaging. These are perfect for when you want to get a marketing message across to the end-user or would like to tell the sustainability story of the glasses.

What other items pair well with bamboo sunglasses?

Depending on the event type, bamboo sunglasses are often sold with our branded picnic blankets, branded cooler bags and branded drinkware. You could even add these sunglasses to a gift package with items such as our branded solar panel selfie lights for the coolest selfies!

If you’re interested in our RCS bamboo sunglasses, please click here to get in touch.