Branded Apple AirPods

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branded apple airpods

Branded Apple AirPods

When it comes to merchandise, you know you’re onto a winner when you gift a branded product that makes it into your customer’s personal life. With our branded Apple AirPods, you can do just that! Built for longevity and great sound quality, these earphones are sure to be used at home, on the go, while travelling and at work. Now, imagine your logo featuring on the charging case, each time your customer uses those earphones, they will see your logo and will be reminded of your brand. A great way to get brand exposure! We know our Apple AirPods are set to be a popular executive gift, however if you’re looking for an alternative co-branded Apple product, check out our branded Apple AirTags.

Apple AirPods are designed to effortlessly change the way we listen to music. They instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac when you take them out of the charging case. You can even control them by tapping the earphone. So, if you need to change a song or make a call, you can do it all while they’re in your ear.

Which branded Apple AirPods are available?

We have four of the Apple AirPod options available at Firebrand. This includes the 2nd Generation, 2nd Generation Pro with MagSafe case and USB-C, 3rd Generation with MagSafe case and the 3rd Generation with Lightning case. To find which option is best for your brand, please visit the Apple website to review their AirPod comparison chart.

How can our Apple AirPods be branded?

The case can be digitally printed with your logo. The case acts as the AirPods charging dock, so it needs to be kept in order to keep the earbuds working. When you request a quote, please send a copy of your logo and we can work on a visual concept for your brand.

If you would like to place an enquiry for our branded Apple AirPods or for other premium gifts, please click here to contact us.